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This FAQ page is intended to answer a lot of the common questions we receive from readers of the site. We hope this helps you in your quest for food truck glory.

What exactly is Winnipeg Food Trucks?

We’re all about the Winnipeg food truck scene. Our goal is to promote a vibrant and sustainable food truck culture in this city by listing all the local trucks, food truck locations and keeping everyone informed of the latest food truck news and events. In addition to this web site we also have an Android and iPhone app and are active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How does a truck get listed on this site?

If you own a truck and aren’t already listed, please contact us and we’ll make arrangements to have you added as soon as possible.

What sort of insurance do I need?

Food trucks are required to obtain a public liability insurance policy with a minimum inclusive limit of $2,000,000.

Approximately how much does retrofitting a food truck cost?

Trucks can be retrofitted for anywhere between $30,000-$50,000 before appliances which will be additional.

What kind of generators should be used for food trucks?

As the generators will need to be used for extended periods of time, food truck vendors recommend Onan or Generac generators as they are silent (very important), high watt generators that are equipped to run continuously.

What other tips do you have for me?

  • Don’t get into the industry looking for a cheap, used Purolator truck. Instead, look for something that’s between $15k-20k, or else you’ll be spending more time and money repairing it than operating on the streets.
  • Anticipate paying 15%-20% of sales to event organizers in fees.
  • Consider diesel trucks vs. gas trucks when purchasing. Diesel trucks are more expensive up front but will typically last longer and use less fuel.

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